Excited about the 2016 Club Season

Pre-Season Summary

Each year our club hits the reset button as we go through the tryout process with the intent to select talented, hard working and coachable players to build upon the success of past seasons.  Each year I believe our club gets better by adding a coach or two that enhance our already very experienced and talented staff, we pick up a couple of players that make our teams even more competitive and the teams themselves start off in better shape than the year before.  This season I believe we are even deeper and more solid from U12 to U18 than our club has ever been Рwhich is saying a lot!

We don’t grade ourselves on where we start the season, and our coaches all know we are always about improvement – but I will say that I am very impressed with our teams from bottom to top and can’t wait to see how good we are in a few months!

Here’s to another very promising season!