Picture Day!

Once again, we will be taking photos of our teams, players and coaches for our yearbook and website.  All players need to be in full uniform wearing their long sleeve jerseys. If you are interested in ordering individual or small group shots please find bring this PSVBA_Photo Form to your team’s assigned session.  Here is our photo shoot schedule:

Thu, Feb. 25th @ Edge Fitness

4:30 pm PSVBA 16-Steph
5:00 pm PSVBA 15-Jess
5:30 pm PSVBA 14-Jordyn
6:00 pm PSVBA 18-Pat
6:30 pm PSVBA 17-Joe

Tue, Mar. 1st @ Chinook MS

4:30 pm PSVBA 12-Tana
5:00 pm PSVBA 12-Micah
5:30 pm PSVBA 13-Sadie
6:00 pm PSVBA 14-Todd
6:30 pm PSVBA 15-Brenna
7:00 pm PSVBA 17-Lauren

Thu, Mar 3rd @ Edge Fitness

4:30 pm PSVBA 12-Kim
5:00 pm PSVBA 13-Tom
5:30 pm PSVBA 14-Rod
6:00 pm PSVBA 16-Rod
6:30 pm PSVBA 18-Pat (Team Photo)
7:00 pm MAKEUPS