Power League Champs!

Congratulations PSVBA 16-Steph! -PSR U16 Power League Champions!

t2-12Our 16s have been the top ranked U16 team in the region from wire to wire and are still very focused on trying to improve.  They have been a fun group to watch and are a great bunch of girls that truly enjoy training and competing together.  Looking forward to the next several weeks as they try to set their sights on trying to earn an “Open Bid” to Indianapolis!


Congratulations PSVBA 14-Todd! – PSR U15 Power League Champions!

t2-08This is the third year in row a PSVBA U14 team has won the PSR U15 Power league!  Our 14s have been a very consistent all year and have been the top ranked U14 team in the Puget Sound Region from wire to wire.  Looking forward to this team preparing to compete in Indianapolis.


Kudos to all our teams, I believe we had some strong performances over the course of the league!  Here’s how our teams finished in the league standings.

  • PSVBA 12-Kim (U12 -2nd!)
  • PSVBA 12-Micah (U12 -3rd!)
  • PSVBA 12-Tana (U12 -30th)
  • PSVBA 13-Tom (U14 -40th)
  • PSVBA 13-Sadie (U14 -54th)
  • PSVBA 14-Rod (U14 -7th)
  • PSVBA 14-Jordyn (U15 -5th!)
  • PSVBA 14-Todd (U15 -1st -Champions!)
  • PSVBA 15-Jess (U16 -6th!)
  • PSVBA 15-Brenna (U15 -14th)
  • PSVBA 16-Steph (U16 -1st -Champions!)
  • PSVBA 16-Rod (U16 -14th)
  • PSVBA 17-Joe (U18 -11th)
  • PSVBA 17-Lauren (U18 -47th)
  • PSVBA 18-Pat (U18 -6th)